Here are some of Frank's babies... Keep going down and I will give you more info on his gear and philosophy.

bulls on parade
Frank was using two 15" cabs, and two 2x10 cabs pushed by 2,400 watts (Ampeg SVT4Pro coupled to an Ampeg SVT1600 power amp). The sound on stage was "full".

rocking at Potts
here is the Underground facebook link.

32" Warwick Corvette Custom Shop... Ash body. All active. Brass adjustable nut.
Shortscale Fender Squire P-Bass.  Alembic active pickups and tone controls. Badass brigde. Nitro refinish.
Shortscale Fender Squire P-Bass.  Alembic active pickups and tone controls. Badass brigde. Nitro refinish.
32" Warwick FNA Jazzman... maple top
32" Warwick FNA Jazzman... maple top
Shortsacle Alembic Essence
Shortsacle Alembic Essence
I have two identical rigs so I always have a back-up available. I have only needed it once in the past 5 years. My current rig is as follows:
  • Ampeg SVT 4-PRO. I run it in bridged mono yielding 1,200 watts RMS. It's a tube pre-amp and solid state power amp.
  • Avatar 15" cabinet upgraded to replace the 15" Eminence Delta-Lite with an Eminence Kappa Lite. This "neo" speaker is 8 ohms and is now rated for 450 watts RMS.
  • Avatar 2x10" cabinet rated at 500 watts RMS loaded with the stock Eminence Delta-Lite speakers
  •  I don't use any effects... it's a bass! I strive to get a fat, punchy and focused bass tone. No farting, buzzing or undesirable distortion. 
  • I use the on-board EQ and I have what I think is a very unique setting but it has always yielded the tone I hear in my head and I am never lost in the mix. I can easily deal with two Marshall half stacks and a very hard hitting drummer. If anyone is interested I can spell out my settings.
  •  I use DR Lo-Riders .125B - .45G on both Warwicks.


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